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💚WHO AM I? 💚 This is a question SO many of my clients struggle with. My response is always the same… Wouldn't it be easier to know what you are not? No need to struggle with identity. We are each a mosaic of things. Looking too closely to any one part will disrupt the bigger picture. Let go of shame, ego and doubt. Let others help you to explore every corner of your soul. Ignore those with ego. It's time we all get over ourselves don't ya think? Accept the mosaic. It's beautiful.
"...that's what got me here, that's what made me this."💚ACCEPTANCE 💚



Life is safely intoxicating if you allow it to be. Love, for example, is one of these elements, promoting fulfillment and survival. This global pandemic has brought attention to a lot more than just our handwashing habits. It's highlighted the fact that most of us have holes in our hearts.. voids in our souls that only LOVE can mend.

Maybe Covid isn't killing us, we are. Our continuous patterns of dysfunction and disconnect have led to a pandemic of isolation and fear. Forgetting how powerful it is be close to, or simply be in the presence of someone else. "LOVE is the answer."

The Dog Days are over y'all! We can choose differently. We can choose to love again, and even harder this time. Rejection and Oppression hurt.. but not as bad as a loveless life. #CHOOSELOVE let down your guard. It's not a defender of your heart, it's a barrier to your happiness.

Check out this video featuring some of my favorite humans. I LOVE MY PEOPLE! A big thank you to everyone who participated! "Leave all your love and your longing can't take it with you if you want to survive."

December 5, 2021

I want to thank everyone who participated.. you have no idea how powerful we can be together.  Please pass on the message of vulnerability.  It doesn't mean weak... here are strong humans to prove it 

Another lesson in VULNERABILITY.

You might want to follow the yellow brick road or keep up with the Jones', but the best growth and change comes from the fork in the road.  Strength is found in discomfort and challenge.

A wise young man once said "..if the king of the jungle isn't the smartest, fastest or strongest, why is he the king?"



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